Glenn Deputy Initially Thought He Was Under Fire

Feb 11, 2013 2:18 AM

UPDATE: A routine traffic stop in Orland Sunday night turned into what first appeared to be a possible sniper attack on a Glenn County Deputy.

Investigators say a deputy had just pulled over a four-dour Saturn sedan for no head lights just before 9 p.m. when, moments later, the Saturn's rear window exploded with the deputy standing just a few feet away. Within minutes, patrol units from Glenn County, Orland and CHP, inlcuding one its helicopters, swarmed the scene with everyone believing at the time they were under fire.

"The assumption was we were being shot at,'' said Orland Police Sgt. Joe Vlach. "So the first thing we had to do was take cover and get the occupants out and get them to safety."

After things calmed down, investigators were able to examine the car. Upon further inspection, they say they did not find any obvious signs that a bullet caused the rear window to shatter. But officers said investigators will inspect the car closer to determine the cause.

Whatever caused the damage, investigators said the on-going west coast manhunt for suspected triple-murderer Christopher Dorner did cross their minds during last night's response in Orland.


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