Glenn County Shots Fired

Mar 14, 2010 8:47 PM

"When you get shots fired in the middle of the night in downtown Orland, obviously there is something there, what's going on, you feel a little rush knowing that is not suppose to happen," explained Brodie Leage of Orland.

A neighborhood in the small town was kept up late Saturday night after shots were fired near Second and Colusa Streets. According to the Orland Police Department, an officer made a traffic stop on 29-year old Justin Bentley and police say he quickly became out of control. "The suspect attempted to disarm the officer, a couple of shots were fired and the suspect fled the scene," Sgt. J.C. Tolle from the Orland Police Department stated.

It was the officer's weapon that discharged as the officer struggled with the suspect. Police say it's unclear if the suspect or the officer fired the weapon. Three shots were fired, one striking a nearby house. Kevin Benson lives in the house that was struck by the bullet. "It put me on my feet, out of my chair, the first bullet that came in, the slap was incredible, and the two bullets after, I knew what was going on then," Benson explained.

The officer injuried his knee during the struggle, making the situation more tense. "What's sad is when you pull up to a scene and you see your fellow officer laying in the middle of the street, his badge torn off, and his equipment scattered on the street," Sgt. Tolled said.

Witnesses say after officers set up a perimeter, they were able to arrest the suspect near the intersection of 3rd and Colusa.

Bentley has been booked into the Glenn County Jail and faces several charges including attempted second degree murder on a peace officer, battery on a peace officer, and driving under the influence.

Agencies from Glenn County, Corning, Chico and Anderson responded to the incident.

The State Department of Justice is investigating the officer involved in the shooting.


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