Glenn County officials advise people to transport water safely

Sep 12, 2014 7:14 PM

"Over the summer we have had about 50 reported."

Glenn county Environmental Health Director Kevin Backus says he hasn't had to warn people of this potential problem before.

"There are some people that can't afford to drill a well right now so we are trying to provide as much assistance to those people that we can. "

Backus says those unable to use their well are forced to get their water from somewhere else. The Glenn County Environmental Health Department wants residents to get their water in a safe way.

"They might have just have a garden hose going to their neighbors house." adds Backus. "We want to make sure we they are not using those and that they are using a portable water hose so they don't get sick and exposed to lead and that type of things."

Backus says people need to use containers specifically for water or food-grade storage, to properly clean and sanitize containers and hoses, or turn to bottled water or commercial bottle delivery.

"Through the hoses of containers they could be exposed to chemicals and bacteria or like with a garden hose it could be lead."

He says for those running out of places to turn for water, the county has set up a location.

"They can contact the city of Orland and they will set up a time when they can meet them out there, there is a well at the airport where they can fill up any container they bring."

The director tells us wells that stop producing water should be reported to the county. According to him only a few people have utilized the airport water, but he anticipates more.

If Glenn County residents have questions on water transportation they are urged to call the Environmental Health Department.


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