Glenn County judge hears arguments on diesel truck filters

Jan 9, 2015 5:41 PM by News Staff

The North State trucking community made their case Friday for the ban of diesel air filters they claim have caused several big rig fires.

A lawsuit filed in Glenn County Superior Court by the Alliance for California Business argues that air filters now required for all diesel trucks are flawed. The group claims the filters cause engine damage that can result in fires and in turn pose a safety threat to the general public.

On Monday, Glenn County Superior Court Judge Peter Twede overruled an attempt by the California Air Resources Board to dismiss the lawsuit and today heard the motion for a preliminary injunction.

Truckers filled the courtroom in Willows Friday hoping to put a stop to the regulations while the litigation is ongoing. The Alliance for California Business argues that by stopping the requirements until the court proceedings have played out, safety testing of the air filters could be conducted.

The Attorney General's office argued that there is no evidence showing safety issues, especially since there have been millions of these filters in place since 2007 and the Alliance should therefore have a quite a few more fires to back their argument.

After hearing about 30 minutes of arguments from the Alliance for California Business and the Attorney General's office, Judge Twede said he will render a decision within the next 90 days.


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