Glenn County Fair opens

May 15, 2014 6:15 PM

The theme for this year’s Glenn County Fair is “a tribute to our farmers” which is a celebration of all things grown and raised locally.

“We have over 70 more animals than we’ve had in prior years,” said Butte County Fair CEO Susan Taylor.

Former Glenn County Fair Dairy Princess Laura Pedrozo brought more than a dozen cows to this year's fair including a massive dairy cow named Pearl.

“Any diary show she’s been there with me,” Pedrozo said. “She’s definitely my favorite cow.”

Judging from turnout this fair’s favorite animals, however, are a little foreign to the North State. They're a pair of young tigers.

“They’re a year old and eight months old and they are in training to go in the movies,” Taylor said. “They’ve already done commercials. They did a Mike Tyson commercial a while back.”

But this fair is more than just animals. During this four-day event, officials expect more than 35,000 people to walk through the gates--which will hopefully give a big boost to the local economy.

“With jobs, hotels, gas, restaurants they did a study a few years back and it's millions to the area,” Taylor said.


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