Glenn County creates drought task force

Sep 11, 2014 12:16 AM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

On the recommendation of Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones, a drought task force committee has been created.
With this being the worst drought we've seen in decades, public awareness is key. That's where this drought task force come in.

Counties throughout California have their own committees-- once they meet and gather data on the county, those reports go straight to the state office of emergency services.
With more of Glenn County farmers and residents drawing on ground water the stresses on water systems have increased. The amount of domestic and irrigation wells have more than tripled over the last few decades.

Already more than a dozen domestic wells in Glenn County have been reported as dry and those relying on surface water have had cut backs.

With the state asking for weekly reports on water conditions throughout California, Glenn County has created a drought task force.
The ad hoc committee will help document drought problems and educate county residents on what they can do.

The task force consists of Glenn County representatives from emergency services, health and human services, the department of agriculture and a member of the board of supervisors.

Wednesday's meeting went around the table discussing a range of community issues like water quality testing, public aid and ways to better assist residents and farmers.

While they can't predict the future of drought conditions, the task force committee wants to ensure that we don't deplete our resources... So getting the conservation message out there is imperative.

These meetings will be held twice a month until the drought state of emergency is over. The county has put out information on ways to conserve and what is safe with water on their county website.


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