Glenn County Budget Approved

Jun 29, 2010 7:47 PM

"It is going to be a juggling balancing act everyday to make this budget work," Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones explained.

It may be a juggling act, but Glenn County residents will still have 24-hour street patrols. The Glenn County Board of Supervisors slashed almost $300,000 dollars from the Sheriff's budget in order to balance the county's one point nine million dollar shortfall. Officials originally proposed cutting more than $400,000 dollars, which would have put an end to the 24-hour coverage. "None of these decisions have been easy at all but we now have a budget we can operate on," Glenn County Board Of Supervisors Chairman Steve Soeth said.

Sheriff Larry Jones says the cuts will be hard to absorb, but plans to deal with the reductions are already in place. "We've reduced our gasoline allotment by $15,000 dollars; therefore, we're really going to have to watch the mileage that we put on our patrol cars and we're not going to be able to respond to some calls like we normally would."

Other reductions include cutting back on overtime, operational services and supplies. Despite the set backs, Sheriff Jones assures the public that safety is the priority.

Glenn County officials approved a general fund of twenty-two million dollars during their Tuesday meeting. Two county employees were laid off and twenty workers volunteered to take an extra ten days off per year. "It's hard when you know the people who are getting laid off, you know the people who are getting affected, they live here, you see them at the grocery store," Chairman Soeth stated.

The new fiscal year starts July first. The budget will be adopted on or before October 2nd.


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