Glenn County Alternative Custody Program

Apr 1, 2013 7:46 PM

The Glenn County Sheriff's Office launched its Alternative Custody Program in hopes that it will reduce crime and stress on correctional officers.

"The inmates are excited because this is a second chance for them," Deputy Todd Ross said.

Deputy Todd Ross is a popular man at the Glenn County Jail.
He's in charge of the sheriff's new Alternative Custody Program that allows selected inmates to serve the remainder of their sentence on house arrest.

"Not everyone's going to qualify. There is only a handful of our inmates that will qualify for that," Ross said.

The program officially began Friday when two inmates were released from jail with ankle bracelets.
Deputy Ross is now responsible for monitoring their activity and helping select the next few inmates who will fall under his supervision.

"These deputies are essentially becoming parole officers, what state parole used to do. Their case load will be very demanding," Sheriff Jones said.

The program is meant to ease the stress placed on the jail after the state's prison realignment plan took effect in October of 2011.
It allows inmates to live at home, but they must stay within a set distance of the home monitoring base unless they are given permission to leave.
The sheriff's department can monitor the inmate’s movements through GPS and can even tell if the monitor is tampered with.

"For submersion, cutting the band on the EHM monitor itself, power outages. We get notifications for that," Ross said.

The house arrest is just the beginning for the sheriff's department; it is also working towards a Day Reporting Center that would put the alternative custody inmates to work in the community.

"We want these individuals to have the means and skills by which to get jobs out there,” Jones said, “and we don't want to see them back in this facility.”

The sheriff's department is planning to slowly expand the program to about a dozen inmates for now.
Sheriff Jones says anything after that would require him to hire another deputy to help.


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