Glenn Co. law enforcement make use of body cameras

Mar 25, 2014 7:07 PM

While lapel cameras for Chico Police may not come anytime soon, law enforcement to the west are nearly half a year into using the devices.

The Glenn County Sheriff's Office received a grant from the Department of Homeland security last year.

They bought 45 Wolfcom Third Eye devices with that money, distributing 10 each to Willows and Orland Police Departments.

Glenn County's Undersheriff said a benefit of the cameras is that they can also serve as a radio device.

They also have 32 gigs of memory, infrared technology, and GPS.

“At least we know what actually happened so when things go to court or when we go into internal affairs investigations, we have some of the best possible information,” Undersheriff Warren said. “We're not just relying on people's memories of what went on, we can actually view what went on.”

Warren said research shows officer complaints drop when the cameras are consistently used.


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