Glenn Co. District Attorney candidates square off in Willows

May 2, 2014 1:21 AM

The heated race for the Glenn County District Attorney seat gets hotter tonight as the two candidates face off in the same room at a Candidate Forum held at the Elks Lodge in Willows.

Both current District Attorney Bob Maloney and his challenger (and current Assistant District Attorney), Dwayne Stewart had five minutes to say why they're best fit to prosecute crimes in Glenn County.

Maloney lamented about the limited resources his office has, and Stewart called him a whiner.

“If he means that I have tried to make it known to the board of supervisors and to the public that we're in trouble here, I absolutely have done that,” Maloney said. “If that means I’m a whiner, then I guess I’m a whiner.”

Maloney also pointed out a lack of experience in Stewart, the county’s current Assistant District Attorney who he is in the process of firing for the second time.

But Stewart, who spent time heading up the Blythe office of the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, said he did more with less there compared to Maloney in Glenn County.

“Riverside says he's a good guy, we like him, we turned our whole office over to him,” Stewart said, referring to himself. “So Maloney's just playing games, that's all it is.”


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