Glenn Co. DA fires Asst. DA again; both will run for seat

Apr 28, 2014 8:26 PM

A political firestorm is brewing between the two candidates for Glenn County District Attorney.

“He’s stated under oath in the arbitration, that he would do whatever it takes,” said Glenn County District Attorney Dwayne Stewart. “He will never let me step foot in that office. And he's keeping up with that promise.”

Stewart will give the current District Attorney, Bob Maloney, at least that much.

Maloney first fired him right when he took office in 2011, charging misuse of county property, but Stewart was subsequently reinstated.

“Every neutral hearing officer in the state of California....all found that I did absolutely nothing wrong. That's why I was reinstated and given my job back,” Stewart said.

Since that time, the two have never worked together, but now, they’re running against each other for Glenn County's District Attorney.

Maloney said he's retired three times as Glenn County District attorney, but this summer won't be a fourth, mainly because Stewart is challenging him.

“I cannot walk away from this office and allow in my opinion, someone of his quality to become the prosecutor in this office,” Maloney said.

He calls Stewart dishonest, alleging improper and dishonest conduct.

In 2012, Maloney was made aware of a missing bulletproof vest reported to the Blythe, California Police Department by Stewart.

Stewart was working as the deputy in charge of the Blythe office for the Riverside County District Attorney's office:

“You don't give away six and seven hundred dollar pieces of property,” said Maloney. “So I wanted to find out who does this belong to? And do we have some dishonest people here in the county working for the county that are giving away county property?”

He had the Willows Police Department work on the case.

But when Stewart was reinstated, Maloney said his office asked him about it directly.

“He claimed that he couldn't remember where it came from,” said Maloney. “He denied he had even spoken to the detective from Willows PD.”

Maloney now alleges more improper behavior by Stewart while renting a U-Haul in Blythe almost three weeks ago.

“From the facts presented to me, this guy's just not honest, under so many strange circumstances,” Maloney said.

But Stewart said this is just a rehash of old stuff.

“Basically it's a red herring to focus on me instead of dealing with the election and how poorly he's handled the office,” Stewart said.

Maloney has effectively terminated Stewart again.

Stewart told Action News Now did not want to specifically go into these new allegations, saying he'll let his union and the county hash it out.

As of this evening, Stewart said he will forgo the Skelly hearing with his union and just let the arbitration process take its course with the county.


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