Girlfriend of man who died after struggle with police speaks out

Jul 28, 2014 7:51 PM by Charlene Cheng

Outside a home in Corning that they shared, Felicia Wilson is remembering her boyfriend, 33-year-old Matthew Robinson.

She shares the grief with a family that he left behind, parents and a brother who are mourning, yet failing to understand why he came into contact with police that fateful night.

"What I'm confused about is why he hadn't gotten the orderlies instead of the cops, because the orderlies would've known what to do," Wilson said.

On Saturday, July 19, Robinson was being transported to a psychiatric health center in Redding when the driver called for help.

Redding police responded, and later reported that Robinson assaulted an officer.

While waiting for an ambulance to come, they noticed that he had stopped breathing.

Robinson slipped into a coma, and the last time his loved ones saw him was in the hospital.

"It broke my heart seeing him like that, with tubes all over the place, and I just keep kicking myself and kicking myself, thinking that I could've done more to help him," Wilson said.

Robinson was on medication to treat his bipolar disorder, but he's remembered as a gentle and shy man.

"Right now, they're just as confused and wanting answers as much as I do. They're just getting by like I do, day-to-day, and trying to deal with the pain and the grief of what happened," Wilson said.

Frustrated with the lack of information, she just wants jutice for the man she had hoped to spend the rest of her life with.

"This isn't the first time this has happened with the Redding Police Department. Law enforcement really needs to be very well-educated with dealing with the mentally ill, because this shouldn't even have happened. It shouldn't have," Wilson said.

A representative from the Redding police department states that the two officers involved are currently on administrative leave.


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