'Girl in the box' victim speaks out against captor

Feb 17, 2015 8:21 PM by News Staff

Thirty years ago Cameron Hooker was put behind bars for holding a 20-year-old girl captive for seven years, but he is now up for parole under new state rules aimed at reducing prison overcrowding.

In 1977 Colleen Stan was kidnapped by Hooker and his wife Janice in Red Bluff as she was hitchhiking form Eugene, Oregon to Westwood, a town about 75 miles south of Red Bluff.

Stan's chilling case has become known as "the girl in the box", described as a situation unparalleled in FBI history. Stan says she feels like damaged goods because of what she went through, she says Hooker hog tied her, electrocuted her and held her prisoner inside a coffin like box for 23 hours a day.

After seven years of abuse, Stan ran away in 1984. A year later Hooker's wife Janice came clean to Red Bluff police and Hooker was sentenced to 104 years at Corcoran State Prison.

However, over the last 30 years the law has changed, Hooker's sentence has been reduced and recent efforts at reducing prison overcrowding give Hooker the chance to appear before a parole board next month. If he's released he will have served less than half his sentence.

Colleen Stan can't believe Hooker could be paroled and she is doing everything in her power to keep him locked up. Stan plans to be at Corcoran State Prison for the hearing April 16th, and if for some unexpected reason she can't make it, she has recorded her story on videotape for One Safe Place.

Stan's message to the parole board; "It's sickening case, this is one sick individual that never needs to see the light of day. If you parole Hooker the next victim could be your mother or sister".

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