Giants World Series

Oct 27, 2010 9:23 PM

It's contagious, everyone seems to be getting Giants fever as the San Francisco Giants face off with the Texas Rangers in the 2010 World Series, and Giants Fan's excitement and nerves are at at an all time high. "Shocked and very happy" said Giants Fan Craig Bourne. Francine Picillo a longtime Giants Fan adds "I kept apologizing to my neighbor because I was yelling so loud". Glenn Dunn also said "It's just tension, torture, we can't get enough of it, I'll be sad to see the baseball season over this year, it's been really exciting.
The giants haven't been to a world series since 2002...will this be their year? "I hope the giants take it and go all the way and put that Texas team out of misery" said Dunn. Picillo added "We're gonna do it all the way".
Die hard fans have hit local sports stores, snatching up the 2010 World Series jerseys and memorabilia. Sports Fever in the Chico Mall has seen four times it's normal business as Giants Fans hustle in to get the perfect outfit to cheer on their team. "Really busy, I stayed here late yesterday cause there's tons of people coming in, it's really nice there's so many Giants Fans that are super pumped about the game" said Sports Fever Manager Jeremy McFarlan. "You gotta have the little memento to remember the time and hopefully this won't be the last t-shirt of the season" said Bourne.
And for the first game, some already have a plan. "I'm gonna be dead to the world, I'm strictly Giants" said Picillo. "We have a tailgate party already set up at our house for the night" Dunn added.


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