Gerber man kills Presa Canario that enters his home, attacks family

Jul 23, 2014 9:59 PM by Cecile Juliette

A Gerber family is recovering from a brutal dog attack. Mike Locey is still traumatized, but also excited to have his dog "Kirby," a 5 year old Japanese Chin, home from the vet. He's only been home a few minutes, and is showing Kirby how to sniff his way around the property. Kirby and Locey's girlfriend Yvonne Fortier, were attacked early Saturday morning by a neighbor's massive Presa Canario.

Tuesday evening, Locey has not cleaned up the bloody mess. The home smells of blood, and Locey is laying out the bloody knives and rocks he used to pummel the massive dog. He's still emotional, and worried that Kirby won't know how to get around without his sight. Both the dogs eyes popped out of his head in the attack, and veterinarians were able to save only one, though it's not clear if the eye will be useful. "Kirby, you're a hero," he says to the dog as it sniffs the ground and hesitantly takes small steps on the rocks.

Fortier is still shaken, and hasn't been able to return to Locey's home since the attack. She's staying at her parents' home near Red Bluff. "He basically took the whole back of my arm off," she says of the attack. They assumed the dog was a pit bull, because of it's appearance, and demeanor. But according to an investigator with the Tehama County Sheriff's Office, the dog is actually a Presa Canario, a dog that's often mistaken for a pit bull, but larger.

Locey describes the attack as strange, even random. He says, "Totally bizarre. I would have thought Frankenstein would walk in my door before I thought that would happen. Off the wall. Never in a million years I thought this would happen inside my home...and attacking my family."

Early Saturday, as Locey still slept, he says Fortier heard Kirby barking from the kitchen. She turned around to see a large dog staring at her through the doorway. She said, "There's this dog, this pit bull. Tallest pit bull I've ever seen." She turned around, and the dog lunged at her, grabbing her by the back of the arm, and wrestling her to the floor.

As she screamed for help, Locey woke up and ran into the room to find the massive dog latched on to Kirby, with Kirby's head completely lodged inside its mouth, and the dog wouldn't let go. Locey tried choking it as he screamed for Fortier to get a knife. She says she must have been in shock, because her body was paralyzed and she couldn't move.

After the dog refused to release Kirby, Locey grabbed its front paw and pulled it back behind its head. The dog released Kirby and began urinating all over the floor. It then started walking to the kitchen, and Locey followed it, grabbing some knives from the kitchen along the way. The dog turned and lunged at Locey, and he stabbed it in the shoulder. The struggle continued outside until eventually, Locey mortally wounded it using rocks, knives, and a beer bottle.

Locey walked up to a neighbor's home where he believed the dog escaped the yard, and told them what happened. The Tehama County Sheriff's Office is investigating, and hasn't interviewed Fortier or issued any citations.

Fortier credits Dr. Sandy Flournoy at Antelope Veterinary Hospital with saving Kirby's eye, though it will be another week before they'll know whether Kirby will be able to see.

Locey said he is upset and sorry he killed the animal, saying he did what he had to do to protect his family. He said, "I had a difficult time doing what it did. I am an animal lover, especially dogs. I have a problem with keeping a dog on the end of a chain. They're domesticated animals, but on the end of a chain, people are teaching them to be un-domesticated. And I think that's where the problem arises. The fact that these dogs have no social interaction. If they're only tied on the end of the chain. The environment they come up in is the problem."


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