Georgia mom facing charges after allegedly playing 'naked Twister'

Apr 16, 2015 2:11 PM by News Staff

A Georgia mother has been arrested for allegedly hosting a party for her underage daughter that included sex, drugs, alcohol, and a game of naked twister.

Rachel Lehnardt was arrested Monday for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The arrest stems from an alleged wild night at Lehnardt's home several weeks ago.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says they learned about the incident through Lehnardt's alcoholics' anonymous sponsor.

The sponsor claims the 35-year-old mother told her about the party during an A.A. sobriety conversation on why she lost custody of her five children. She says Lehnardt supplied her 16-year-old daughter's friends with alcohol and marijuana and took part in a game of naked twister. At some point during the game, Lehnardt left the group to have sex with an 18-year-old in the bathroom, according to the Sheriff's Office report.

In a statement made through her attorney Lehnardt, "acknowledges that due to recent alcohol abuse she engaged in several acts of inappropriate conduct, however, at no time did she sponsor or facilitate a party for underage minors."

Lehnardt has not been formally charged yet, and bonded out of jail on Monday. The sheriff's office continues to investigate, and says charges could come soon.


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