Gas prices going lower and lower in the North State

Feb 26, 2016 5:19 PM by News Staff

The good news at the pump continues as gasoline prices are in a low holding pattern lower than they’ve been in years.

According to AAA in the Chico area, the average price for a gallon of unleaded regular is going for around $2.07.\

That's down 67 cents from a month ago at this time. People are saving money and using the savings for other necessities.

Twenty-year old Doug Martin has been delivering pizzas for the Round Table Pizza on Mangrove Avenue for six months. Along with an hourly wage. He is compensated $1.50 for every delivery he makes in his own vehicle.

“About every other week, I'll fill up my tank and it’s about $28 to 20 bucks and that gets me through a good month,” he said.

Doug says like everyone else he's noticed the lower gas prices and estimates he's saving about $50 a month on fuel.

“Since the gas prices have gone down it’s been pretty nice saving money,” he said.

At Flyers, regular is going for $1.87. That's almost 20 cents below the average for a gallon of gas in the Chico area.

The price is right for Brad Ogden, who sees the current gas prices as almost too good to be true.

Oh yes I've been very surprised. I think a little suspicious that it’s just a temporary thing. Yet it seems to be here for a while,” he said.

And that's fine with Doug Martin. What he doesn't spend on gas, he is putting toward leaving the family nest.

“I am still living at home. So hopefully looking to save up and pay for rent,” he said.

Gas prices figure to stay low as long as the price of crude oil stays low.

Nonetheless, we may see a spike in prices. When we head into spring, a time when supplies can dwindle since refineries usually go into a maintenance mode...


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