Garden Walk Mall Re-Opens

Mar 16, 2011 6:44 PM

" It was pretty traumatic, you don't think about what a little water can really do." Said Steven Catterall, owner of Old Gold Estates inside the Garden Walk Mall in downtown Chico. For nearly three months, store owners inside the Garden Walk Mall have been on a roller coaster ride of frustration and bad news after a sprinkler pipe ruptured inside the mall last December flooding the the building and the 12 stores inside it. " It's... It's been pretty rough", said Brambley Cottage Owner Anne Ennis.
Massive water damage was done to the mall and most of the stores housed within it. Cleanrite Buildrite crews worked night and day to clear out the water, ripping up carpets, tearing apart walls and removing damaged merchandise. Then, more bad news, crews discovered asbestos in old floor tiling creating even more problems. " In order to take that tile out they had to seal off the whole mall and we had to leave our stores and I had to get my store down to bare walls." said Catterall.
The asbestos has since been completely removed. Many store owners have already moved back in and others are slowly restalking their shelves as they unload boxes that have been packed away for months. " It feels absolutely great, everybody's excited and the malls looking great", said Ennis. Catterall adds " It all worked out, and the people that work here were just tremendous, never one complaint".
Four stores have yet to move back into the mall, awaiting the finishing touches on their buildings. They all plan on being back in business by April 2nd to celebrate the malls grand re-opening. " It's gonna be just a party, the people that come in here are gonna see a new Garden Walk Mall." Said Catterall.
The grand re-opening is open to the public. It will be held Saturday April 2nd from 2-8 if you would like to attend.


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