Garden Walk Mall Flood Update

Dec 23, 2010 7:31 PM

Steve Catterall, Olde Gold Estate Jewelry Owner says, "It's a serious blow to my Christmas business."

Cleanrite-Buildrite crews are doing all they can to help ease the pain. Bob Battezzato, Cleanrite-Buildrite Marketing Director says, "We're trying to get that back as fast as we can and get them back in business because that's what they really need to have happen."

After a devastating flood in the Garden Walk Mall early Monday morning, only 3 businesses out of 14 were able to open their doors Thursday for last minute holiday shoppers. Val Montague, Zots Hotdogs & Deli Owner says, "It's devastating to your business." And even with crews working long hours, there's still a lot of work to be done. Once the entire building is officially dry, dry wall needs to be cut, flooring needs to laid down, and walls need to be painted. All renovations will be done in three parts, starting with the stores on the back entrance on Wall Street, until each shop is done hopefully by the end of February. Battezzato says, "It's a significant amount of money. We would classify this as a large loss in Northern California."


ut despite the loss of income during the busiest week of Christmas shopping, local business owners are making the best of the situation. Motague says, "It will be an opportunity for improvements to clean out our boxes, clean out the office, and decide what we need to keep." Catterall says, "There's things that you can't do anything about. And what you have to do is work into, around and through those things. And if you don't you're just giving up."


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