Funeral Services Set for "Flo" Hamilton

Nov 16, 2013 6:45 PM

Floetta "Flo" Hamilton could be described as a "colorful" icon of Chico. In fact, she was presented with an "Official Chico Icon" Award in 2011 by the
Facebook group "You Know You're from Chico When ...", along with the likes of Marge "The Metermaid" Saadoon, and Singing Cowboy Morris Taylor.
Known for her heavy make-up, square dancing skirts and scarves ... "Flo" walked the streets of the city, often at night, and was friends with many.
She died last week at a local hospital. Funeral services have been scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, November 21st, at Newton Bracewell Funeral Home. Newton Bracewell is accepting donations to help pay the cost of her funeral. Here's the link to the "YKYFC... Facebook group where you can share memories. ###


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