Fundraiser Held For Four-Year-Old

Dec 17, 2013 7:34 PM

North State Caltrans employees got to play Santa today, helping a special four-year-old and his family in a big way.

Employees of Caltrans District Two spent the past three months gathering over $1,500 and 75 gifts.

And today, young Takota McAllister was invited to the office in Redding to open his presents under the tree.

Takota only weighed 1.8 pounds when he was born, and has been diagnosed with several disorders, including cerebral palsy and severe lung disease.

"He's got a lot of pretty major health complications as a result of his prematurity, but he's anything and everything anybody could ever ask for. He's a tremendous kid," Takota's mother Christina said.

Takota's grandmother Shirley has worked at Caltrans for 23 years.

To pay for Takota's extensive medical bills, and travel to and from out-of-town doctor appointments, Shirley and Takota's mother Christina install chains and chop wood.

Caltrans workers hope their contributions will help relieve some of the stress.

"The one thing about this family is they never asked for the help, and they were so humble through it all and they're just all amazing," Caltrans spokesperson Trisha Coder said.

Caltrans asks that anyone interested in donating to Takota's family send gifts or checks to their Redding offices on Riverside Drive, to the attention of Trisha Coder.


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