Fundraiser for Mountain Gate fire victims

Mar 8, 2015 6:51 PM by Charlene Cheng

For Cristy Jackson, the last two weeks have felt surreal.

"It still kind of feels like a nightmare. Like I'm going to wake up in my room with all the stuff I used to have. Then you see the house and see that you don't have anything left, then it sets in," she said.

Her family's home in Mountain Gate was destroyed in a devastating early morning fire.

Jackman's family survived, but they lost all their belongings and pets.

"We tried to get in through a window to get the dog, the house was just in flames, and there was nothing we could do," she said.

The community immediately jumped in to help.

"A policeman drove us out to the road so we would be away from it. A neighbor came over, and my boyfriend didn't have any shoes on, and the neighbor took off his shoes and gave him his shoes right there on the spot," Jackman said.

Others followed suit, including Jackman's brother's schools, firefighters, and friends and family.

The Savory Spoon, where Jackman works, hosted a spaghetti feed fundraiser for her.

"She's very devoted. She's here all the time working hard and to see her devastated is pretty heartbreaking. And we just want her to be able to start fresh," owner Ann Webber said.

The family is still waiting to hear back from their home insurance provider, but in the meantime, they're grateful for the help they've received.

"It makes you feel almost famous, but it makes you feel really loved. You feel all the love from you coworkers and your friends and everyone in the whole community," Jackman said.


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