Full Lunar Eclipse

Apr 15, 2014 1:29 AM

On a normal night, the moon is up in the sky reflecting the sun's light off of it and making it visible to us. Tonight we saw something special. "Every once in a while, they fall in the same plane and the moon falls into the shadow of the Earth so the moon gets dark and all we can see from the moon is the light coming from Earth," explains Astronomy Instructor Tyson Randall.

The eclipse is commonly called the "blood moon" during a full lunar eclipse because the moon turns red due to the way the light is reflected through our atmosphere. "It's the same reason that a sunset will look red. A sunset looks red because the sun has to pass through the atmosphere and blue light gets scattered away. The only thing lighting the moon at this point will be our lit up atmosphere so, in essence, our sunsets will be lighting the moon," said Tyson.

Some people we spoke to weren't even aware it was happening tonight. "I didn't know about it but I think that's kind of cool," said Daydre Manwill of Paradise. Some even thought about letting the kids stay up late to check out the spectacle. “She's 4 so I don't know. The 2 year old, he wouldn't even know what's going on so probably not him but I think Jane might like it," said Ashley Mounteer of Salt Lake City.

If you didn't get a chance to see this eclipse you shouldn’t worry. It’s the first of 4 lunar eclipses happening in a 2 year time span with each of them about 6 months apart.


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