From Rough Roads to Smooth Future

Oct 16, 2013 6:58 PM

It’s been a rough road for one north Chico neighborhood.

But after Tuesday night’s Chico City Council meeting, its path should be much smoother.

After months of dealing with potholes and broken asphalt, the city approved $260,000 to restore the roads in the neighborhood near Linda Lane and Pillsbury Road.

The money comes from funds set aside specifically for the city’s sewer budget.

Neighbors say the damage was caused during the nitrate compliance project--when homeowners switched from personal septic tanks to the city’s sewer system. But once the construction was completed, homeowners say the city left behind a big mess.

Now they’re happy to finally put this problem behind them and focus on the road ahead.

“I’m looking forward to having this mess cleaned up, dealt with, repaired and once again returning to nice smooth roads,” said longtime homeowner Jane Evraets.

The city hopes to have this project complete before winter.


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