Friends Speak Out About La Salles Shooting Victim

Jul 3, 2011 8:51 PM

Marco Sanchez was with Smith at the time of the shooting. He says the bullets just started flying, and the next thing he knew.. Smith was on the floor.. "He's a good guy, very big heart, he has a lot of friends and there's a reason for that because he always has people's backs, very caring person, very loving person, great guy all around."

Shawna Botts and Kelsie Beeman are Smith's best friends. They say he came to Chico from Berkeley to get a fresh start.. Shawna says, "He's someone you can go to for anything and always be there to listen and make sure you're okay and never let you get into trouble."

That's how friends of Chico resident Sam Smith describe him.. The 22 year old was shot Saturday night just before 11pm at La Salles Bar on Broadway. Smith's friends have held a vigil at Enloe Medical Center, hoping for his recovery. Kelsie say, "We did get to see him this morning which was, is, hard, it was really hard, he has a long, long, long way to go in order to recover, but we're all hoping for the best." Marco says, "He made some type of eye contact, but his eyes were kind of rolling back towards his head, yeah, didn't look too good."

Friends say it was suppose to be a fun night with friends, but his life, and theirs, have been turned upside down.. Kelsie says, "No one deserves this, but especially Sam."

And now all his friends are asking for everyone's prayers.. Marco says, "He's not looking too good but always have faith and hope." "We just really appreciate everyone that's been really supportive and, just keep him in your prayers, I mean, that's all we can really do right now and ask for everybody to pray and support," says Kelsie.

Friends tell Action News tonight, all but one of the bullets have been removed. Smith is also said to be responsive and is able to recognize people around him.


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