Friends Go Bald and Beautiful for Paradise Woman Fighting Cancer

Feb 22, 2013 12:30 AM

A group of friends in Paradise doesn't have to worry about hair spray or shampoo for a while. That's because they've gone bald and beautiful for their friend, Dana Morino. Dana says she was diagnosed after a friend dragged her "kicking and screaming" to an early morning routine mammogram. She's got many months of treatment ahead of her, including chemotherapy. She says she told her friends she'd be shaving her head because she refused to let cancer determine when she'd be going bald. When she did, they said they'd be going bald as well. Dana's mother recently underwent a double masectomy at the age of 81. So the family was familiar with the difficulties of dealing with breast cancer. Dana now urges all women to never miss a routine mammogram. If you'd like to help Dana pay for her medications and treatment, please mail checks to 7020 Skyway, Paradise, CA 95969.


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