Friends, family of Kristina Chesterman sit through day-long preliminary hearing for Riley Hoover

Mar 7, 2014 7:38 PM

Riley Hoover, the alleged drunk driver accused of killing 21-year-old Chico State nursing student Kristina Chesterman, is expected to go to trial for her death.

In his preliminary hearing today, there was testimony from witnesses called by the prosecution, including the Chico Police Officer who originally arrested Hoover at an apartment complex on Nord Avenue.

“It’s hard to listen to them talk about all of the specific details,” said Kayla Kriech, Kristina’s best friend. “It's brought many of our classmates to tears, and especially her family.”

Friday's preliminary hearing for Riley Hoover brought everyone back to that tragic night in September.

Of note: hearing testimony from responding Chico Police Officer Jack Ditty.

Ditty was originally dispatched to a felony hit and run. Then he was dispatched to apartment 201 on 730 Nord Avenue.

That's where he said he found Riley Hoover: face down, handcuffed, and unresponsive.

The highly intoxicated Hoover became responsive when Officer Ditty shook him.

Before midnight on September 22nd, Ditty drove him to Enloe, where he said Hoover agreed to a blood test.

In his report, he noted Hoover said "do what you have to do."

Hoover's attorney pressed officer Ditty on the matter of not having a warrant as the blood test was administered.

Next, two Department of Justice criminalists spoke on how they processed the crime scene, linking fibers taken from Hoover's car to the fibers in the jacket Chesterman wore that night.

Chesterman's friends said hearing about things like her clothes was hard.

They wore pink in support of Chesterman.

Also, they said seeing Hoover never gets any easier.

“It’s not easy to see somebody who killed one of your friends, who doesn't remember killing one of your friends,” Kriech said.

“I think there's more and more anger as time goes on. But I’m gaining strength in knowing there's an end to this hopefully soon.”

The Chesterman family is also waiting to hear the fate of the man who has plead guilty to punching their son, Daniel Chesterman, in the face. That sentencing will be next Wednesday.


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