Forth of July BBQ Tips

Jul 2, 2011 8:09 PM

The 4th of July in America stands for many things, freedom, independence, and the symbolic colors of America's red, white, blue, and barbecue? "Forth of July is basically a barbecue holiday, so during this weekend we sell a lot of barbecues and a lot of charcoal", said Home Depot employee Ainslie Robbins.

More than 74-million Americans will barbecue Monday, and an estimated 150-million hot dogs will be eaten, but if you're looking to step up the grill menu this year, you may need a little help so dinner doesn't develop into disaster. Even if you're a beginner barbecuer or a pro with the propane, Iphone apps offer tips for any barbecuer's skill on the grill.

And anything goes, from red meat recipes to grilled veggies for the vegan, there are apps for it all. And although many say they don't need modern technology's help and instead, have their own barbeque technique they stick to year after year. "Just a dry rub.. Make it real easy, sometimes we'll make a little prime before and it works out real well", said Chico resident John Dimercurio. Chico resident Stan Gottlieb adds, "Use half an onion when you heat up your grill to clean it."

But whatever you prefer to cook or cook with, charcoal or gas, there is always a risk involved with cooking food over an open fire. "Make sure that the grill you have is at least 5-10 feet away from your house. Because a lot of the smoke can go inside and you don't want anything to start a fire near your house", said Robbins.

And most will agree, they'd prefer to watch fireworks in the sky... instead of flames on the roof.


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