Former NFL player Paul Howard presents golden football to Central Valley High

Sep 4, 2015 3:22 PM by Ross Field

To celebrate Super Bowl 50, which will air on CBS-12 on February 7th from Levi's Stadium, the NFL is going gold this season.

From jersey trimmings, to logos, to paint on the fields - every stadium a gold 50-yard marker along the 50-yard line -- meaning the number 50 will be gold, but the actual line won't be - you'll see the color everywhere.

One of the more unique was the league is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Big Game is by sending a gold football to every high school in the world that's produced a player who's appeared in the Super Bowl. Think about it for a second, that's a lot of gold footballs!

The NFL estimates that over 3,000 players have played in the Super Bowl.

On Friday night, one of those players, Paul Howard, presented a gold ball to his alma mater, Central Valley High School, in Shasta Lake.

Howard was an offensive guard and played fourteen seasons with the Denver Broncos from 1973-1986. He helped Denver reach the Super Bowl in '77 and '86. Although the Broncos lost both of those games, he said those are memories he'll cherish forever and he was honored to deliver a gold football to his old stomping grounds.

"These situations are special and it's a honor to be a part of this," says Howard. "This is the most I've handled a football in my whole career (laughs). I didn't handle many so that's why I'm fumbling this one!"

"Coming from a small town and making it to the big leagues would be a miracle. He's proof that any football player can actually work hard and get the same thing he did," said Jake Byron, Central Valley football player.


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