Former Chico City Manager dies at 90

Apr 23, 2015 9:19 PM by David McVicker

Retired long-time Chico City Manager Fred Davis, who served more than 45 years in city service, and many more as a volunteer has died. He was 90.

Davis served the City of Chico in many ways. He was head of public works for six years, and then city manager from 1953 to 1992. After retirement he was a business and municipal consultant, and served on a variety of business and city-related committees and organizations.

Davis, along with Earl Talken, redesigned The Esplanade as a multi-directional boulevard in the 1950s, the first in the United State since the 1920s. The Esplanade has since served as the model for other similarly designed boulevards across the United States.

Davis was also a key component in Chico's push to curb the "party town" image the city held in the late 1980s.

Davis was awarded the first ever Legacy Award for his leadership and dedication to the city by the Chico Chamber of Commerce in January.

"Since our honoree's accomplishments surpass every award we have created to honor men and women in the community," Chamber CEO Katie Simmons said, "we decided to create a new award: the Legacy Award. From here forward, this award will be given only when it is earned."

There has been no announcements of memorial services.

Tune in to Action News Now tomorrow to hear more about the life of one of Chico's most revered civic leaders, Fred Davis.


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