Forest Ranch sees a little rain, and a little snow

Feb 6, 2014 6:42 PM

The North State received much-needed rain today, and some areas even saw some snow.

A representative with Caltrans District Three told Action News Now that crews were working overnight through the early morning hours along Highway 32 to prevent icy road conditions, and chain controls were in effect through late morning.

“It's always good to see people up here, because we're a quiet little community,” Zavattero Grocery Company employee Susan Smith said.

Forest Ranch is a sleepy community that also finds itself in a unique position.

At Zavattero Grocery Company, there was no snow, just rain.

“We’re all happy to have it…anything. [We’re] getting our little rain dance going on,” Smith said.

But drive a few miles east on Highway 32, and it's a winter wonderland.

Snow and ice brought some Caltrans and Butte County plows out.

“[There are] a lot of people coming up from the valley to check out the weather…the snow. Also the people coming down from the snow, to get away from it,” Smith Said.

Outside the store, Jim Bera is somewhere between the two. He’s on his way from Susanville to Vacaville.

He's going to see his granddaughter's school performance.

“Chester [and] Westwood, the roads were a little bit icy,” Bera said. “The canyon was nice. We expect rain once in a while you know? But now when I come home next Thursday, I expect snow.”

But the larger problem for Bera, a hunter and fisher in retirement, is the drought.

“All the reservoirs are empty. And fishing used to be fantastic out there. Now there's no more fish.”

He said it's the worst he's seen in 25 years.

So today, he can put up with the cold as long as he can stop at his favorite grocery store, and maybe go fishing when he gets back.

The town of Paradise's public works manager said based on forecasts, they weren't expecting snow within town limits, and didn't see any.

They didn't deploy any plows.


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