Forbestown Prepares For Fire Season

Jun 19, 2010 8:42 PM

Forbestown has a population just over a thousand. It is nestled in the woods Southeast of Oroville, and it could be an easy target for a raging fire. That's why citizens here have partnered up with the Butte County Fire Safe Council along with Cal Fire to create an effective plan when fires are quickly approaching. " It's gonna help it a lot in case something comes down, it could save laves" said Forbestown resident Dan Foley. Executive Director Calli-Jane Burch for Butte County Fire Safe Council adds " Really it covers things in and above the questions, where am I gonna go, what am I gonna take? It really addresses other issues".
Issues such as getting ready early, having an evacuation checklist and moving bar-b-ques and propane devices away from your home. " There's so much more you can do if you have a small amount of time, even a half hour, to make sure your home will survive while you're gone" said Burch. Clearing out dead or dried brush and grasses away from your home is also must. "Ideally that should be done in the winter months when the high fire risk is low, making sure sure your lawn is mowed and weeds are weeded" Burch adds.
Forbestown residents will receive the new evacuation plan by mail. Safety tips, checklists, and maps will all be included with the brochure. " It's an excellent way for a solution to the fire season since it's coming up here" Forbestown resident Dan Foley explains. Burch adds " When people get involved in their community when they step up to the plate and take responsibility for themselves and those around them, they can produce some wonderful things.


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