Following public outcry, fired Safeway worker reinstated

Nov 22, 2014 12:59 PM by Cecile Juliette

A fired Safeway employee has been given his job back. According to Jessica Croshaw, Curt Keables has been reinstated at the grocery chain. Croshow, a friend and supporter, said Keables was reinstated Friday. Keables has not publicly commented on the growing outrage over his termination. Croshaw told Action News Now that last week, Keables stopped a boy, 15, after he saw the boy take items from the store. She said Keables escorted the boy back in to return the items. But, said Croshaw, the boy was let go, police weren't called. Keables was suspended, then later fired.

Friday, Safeway issued this statement:

We are in the process of reviewing the matter of Mr. Keables' pursuit and confrontation of a suspected shoplifter outside our Chico store. These types of cases can be difficult. While not everyone may agree with our policies governing the confrontation of suspected shoplifters, they are in place to protect the safety of our employees, customers and even a suspected shoplifter. Employees and suspected shoplifters have been injured and, in some cases, even died in such altercations. Contrary to previous reports, Mr. Keables did not tell our investigator that he knew the suspected shoplifter, so safety was and remains an important factor in our evaluation of this matter. No grocery product is worth risking someone's safety or life. We are giving this matter the time and careful consideration that is appropriate.


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