Florists Urge Shoppers to Buy Local...

Feb 13, 2012 2:48 PM

Love is filling the air this Valentines Day, and Americans are pouring out their hearts and hard earned cash for the romantic holiday. " Very busy time, crazy," explained Gayle Jaarsma, owner of Expressions Florist. According to the National Retail Federation, this Valentines Day could bring in nearly 18-billion dollars, with two billion of that going to the floral industry alone. That high demand for flowers has Jaarsma bustling to keep up. " We're kind of taking the numbers from last year and building up from that, with the economy, it's always such a hard guess." Said Jaarsma.
The shop already has nearly 150 orders for the big day, and is expecting another hundred or more by Tuesday. And for many, it's a guessing game to decide which flowers to buy their special someone. A mixed bouquet is popular this Valentine's Day, but roses are still a top choice, it seems the love for them never withers away. " 90 percent of them are red roses," said Jaarsma.
Local florists also warn shoppers to steer clear of online flower websites who promise low prices and big bouquets. Jaarsma says " The people they're placing the order through are not florists, they have no idea what it's even like to be in a flower shop, and they make a lot of promises and do a lot of pricing that is unrealistic." Many online flower retailers just send your order to a local florist in your area, and charge you a hidden fee for doing it. By cutting out the middle man, local florists say you could cut your expenses nearly in half. " It's not economical, you're going to get a lot more of what you pay for by going directly to a flower shop," explained Jaarsma.
Weather it's a happy Valentine's Day, an I love you, or a fresh bouquet of something fragrant, experts say if it's from the heart, you'll score big this V-day.


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