Flooded homeowners take matters into their own hands

Feb 11, 2014 7:15 PM

A Chico neighborhood is trying to clean up after a flash flood severely damaged several homes.

The damage happened late Sunday night on Bancroft Dr. and was caused by this weekend's heavy rains.

“I used to have landscaping here but this was like a river,” said A.J. Johl, a homeowner whose house was damaged by the flood. “There were rapids. That’s how fast it was coming.”

Johl has lived in this neighborhood for four years and this is the second time his house has been damaged by floods.

“My thoughts were: ‘here I go again,’” he said. “Last time it was $500 to $600 and I paid for it out of my pocket. I’m concerned about the cost. This isn’t going to be cheap to fix; at the very minimum $40,000.”

And this time Johl and his neighbors say they don't plan on paying for pricey repair bills. Instead, they're goign after the City of Chico and the home builder to cover their costs.


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