Flooded Chico neighborhood prepares for more rain

Feb 25, 2014 5:55 PM

Piece by piece, Melissa Blofsky is trying to repair her Chico house.

“I was actually shocked at just how much it’s going to cost,” she said. “About $60,000.”

To help save some money, Blofsky is doing much of the work by hand

“We have so much work to do here,” she said. "We just bring like an overnight bag and then come back and start it all over. It’s like Groundhog’s Day.”

Blofsky’s house was one of many on Bancroft Drive that was damaged by a flash flood a few weeks ago. The runoff water is believed to come from nearby hills and was too much for an underground drain to handle. So it then allegedly rushed down the street and severally damaged many homes.

And with heavy rain forecasted for this upcoming weekend, Blofsky is on edge.

“We’re all very nervous,” she said.

But for now, Blofksy is left with a damaged house to repair, a lot of questions about who is liable for the damage and not many answers.

“Everybody’s kind of vague about stuff,” she said. “They say they want to come up with a solution for the drain, which we want too, but we also need to get back into our homes.”


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