Float Tank Helps People Relieve Pain and Stress

Feb 12, 2013 7:35 AM

If you're looking for a new way to relieve stress, or you're an athlete looking for a way to shorten recovery time, there's a new spa in Chico that can help. Renew day spa has only been open a few months, but the business is already seeing lots of return customers to take advantage of its state of the art float tank.

"The float tank really does set us apart from any other spa in Chico. We're so excited to have it, and the response we've had from the public is terrific," says spa owner Rick Blair.

The floatation chamber consists of 1,000 pounds of epson salt dissolved into a foot of water and heated to the body's outside temperature of 95 degrees. The solution's density allows the body to float, giving the sensation of weightlessness. Customers use the tank for a number of reasons including, stress and pain relief, insomnia, and depression. Athletes, like members of the Chico Masters cycling team, also use the chamber to speed up recovery time in between races. Cyclist Mike Castaldo rides 100-200 mile road races on a regular basis.

"I had one day to recover and then I came in and floated. I did another 100 mile ride; legs felt awesome. Normally the recovery time on a 100 mile ride is at least a week to two weeks, and so I felt really good," he says.

People who use the tank say the affects are felt long after they've floated, and it helps them function better in their daily lives. Lorna Kingdon is a counselor at Butte College and she says she uses the tank at least once a week.

"Afterwards I just feel incredibly light, expansive and calm at the same time. Yet, my mind is sharp and clear and creative and I manage stress more easily," she says.

Renew is a full service day spa, offering everything from massages to facials and microderm abrasions. If you'd like more information about the float tank or any of the spa's other services, we've posted more information under newslinks.


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