Fish hatchery scaling up Sac. river salmon release

Feb 18, 2016 1:28 PM by News Staff

Wednesday's rain was great news for the Livingstone Fish Hatchery in Shasta County.

The hatchery is gearing up to release several hundred thousand Chinook salmon back into the Sacramento River.

Livingstone Fish Hatchery does this every year to try to keep as many Chinook salmon alive as possible.

Chinook salmon are considered to be an endangered species. Last year, the hatchery collected four-hundred adult Chinook salmon to spawn because of the drought.

Ninety-seven percent of the eggs they spawned though did not make it downstream because of the elevated water temperature.

The hatchery was waiting for today's rain storm to release the salmon

John Rueth, manager of the Livingstone Fish Hatchery, said releasing the salmon now was gave them the best opportunity for survival.

"This time of the year we get some turbid and muddy water," he said. "We’re getting about an inch and three quarters of rain and this will get the river a bit muddier and allow the fish to be better protected from predators."

Last year, the hatchery did their release about two weeks earlier.

While there was some rain coming through Redding. They released 600,000 salmon.

There will be another release here again tomorrow.

The hatchery will then take about 120 Chinook salmon from Keswick Dam and spawn them during the summer for another release early next year.


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