First Season Successful for Paradise Ice Rink

Jan 12, 2014 8:56 PM

Sunday marked the last day of the season for the Paradise Ice Skating Rink.
Directors of the Paradise Reecreation Park planned for the rink for three years ... And it opened for the first time in November.
Rink officials say they had an average of 500 people per day, with New Years day and Christmas the most popular.
Many skaters visited from right here in the North State, while others came from different parts of the world.
Rink employees say positive attitudes and suitable weather conditions made the first season a huge success, with tons of fun for the whole family.
Woody Culleton told Action News Now that, "It's a place of happiness. People are filled with joy and happiness, they're enjoying themselves and so its been probably one of the most positive experiences. Even when its really busy and a little hectic people are happy."
As intended, Culleton says the rink has made paradise a "destination."##


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