Firing of Durham Coach Causing Controversy

Apr 18, 2013 8:14 PM

Kevin York, the head fooball coach at Durham high school, has been fired after two seasons on the job.

The move has caused two other school employees, including the principal to step down, because they feel the firing was unethical.

It's a move that's rocked the small community of Durham.

"There's many people that are really upset," says Jean Atkins.

On April 5th, head football coach Kevin York was fired by the school board.

This surprised Athletic Director Jean Atkins, who claims the board failed to follow proper protocol when it came to relieving York of his duties.

"They did not bring myself into it, they did not ask me questions and they also chose to leave our principal out of the loop as well. That's our biggest thing, if he did something, we want to due process and we believe there was nothing he did wrong," added Atkins.

In response to the decision Atkins has decided to step down, although she will remain with the school to coach track and field and cross country.

"I feel what they've done is immoral and unethical," said Atkins.

Prinicipal Bill Frey will also resign.

"I don't think it's fair or right and I'm not willing to compromise my beliefs or principals on this," said Frey.

Several Trojan football players, including Luke Mullarkey, are also angry.

"He treated me and the other players with the upmost respect, he taught me more than just football, a lot of life lessons, he was just a great guy, all and all," said Mullarkey.

York, who led Durham to the playoffs in each of his two seasons at the helm, was reluctant to say much about his controversial firing."

"It's extremely frustrating not to have been given a reason. I care about those kids very much," said York.

On top of his success on the field, Atkins says York influenced the school in other positive ways.

"He created our weight room, he's the one driving force that initiated our Coliseum which we've raised over $400,000 on, he's done so many things to benefit our school and our football program," said Atkins.

"It is a job that I enjoyed the last two years and it's where I wanted to be and we had a lot of good things going and was looking forward to the future," said York

Action News contacted two school board members. We wanted to get their side of the story, but both declined to comment on the matter.


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