Firefighters rescue puppy from well in Corning

Mar 5, 2014 1:23 PM

A puppy that fell into a 30 foot well pipe was safely rescued by firefighters Saturday.

When firefighters arrived they found a six inch well opening that was level to the ground, and thirty feet straight down. The puppy appeared to be in good condition at the bottom of the dry well.

Firefighters began trying to rescue the puppy by tying a small loop into a utility rope and attempting to get the loop around the puppy. After a few attempts they switched to a heavier rope, but were then called out for a medical emergency.

When the firefighters returned from the medical call the puppy had moved enough to get the loop around his body. They pulled the puppy up as far as they could, but with about 3 feet left to the top, the well became too narrow for the rope. Firefighters then used a pike pole carried on the engine to reach in to the pipe and bring the puppy within reach of one of the firefighters who brought him to safety.

Firefighters looked the puppy over for any injuries and determined he was ok. The firefighters then helped the residents block the hole so it wouldn’t happen again.


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