Firefighters overcoming elements to battle Bully Fire

Jul 13, 2014 6:10 PM by Charlene Cheng

Challenging terrain, drought-stressed vegetation, and unpredictable winds.

The men and women fighting the Bully Fire are dealing with some very difficult elements.

"There's no actual easy access to get to the fire. It's out in the brush, it's out in the side of the mountain," said Tina Rose, a Public Information Officer for CAL FIRE.

It takes a well-oiled machine to take on a force of this size.

"It's federal, state, local government, law enforcement, it takes a lot of coordination to put out a large fire like this," Rose said.

While they're not out on the frontlines, several firefighters are hard at work at the command post, fighting the fire from behind the scenes.

"This is the brains of the operation. Fire commanders are meeting, looking at maps, they're flying over with helicopters, they're surveying. This is where the plans are made on how we're gonna get this fire put out as fast as possible," Rose said.

With over a thousand firefighters working around the clock, progress on putting out the Bully Fire has been steady.

"We still have a lot of unclosed line, there's a lot of places where it can escape but we're gonna just keep in in the box, keep closing the box and closing the box until there's no way it can get out of control," Rose said.


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