Firecracker blamed for blaze at Fusion Hookah Lounge

Jul 2, 2015 9:06 PM by News Staff

A video posted to the Action News Now Facebook page has garnered a lot of attention and created quite a few questions.

The video shows a fire burning outside of Fusion Hookah Lounge on Walnut Street around 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

Action News Now viewer Marie Rodriguez, who posted the video to our Facebook page says she and a handful of other people saw somebody throw a firecracker out of a car and towards the Hookah Lounge.

Firefighters were able to knock the flames down quickly, and before any structures were damaged.

Several people have speculated the fire was started because the owners of the Hookah Lounge are Middle Eastern.

The owners of the lounge say they've previously had threatening comments directed at them. Chico police say this police report is the only recorded harassment complaint the department has ever received from the business owners. Police also said when the complaint was filed, no mention of race was made.

The Chico Fire Department says they will continue to investigate, but say the eyewitnesses have been unable to provide a detailed description of the alleged arsonists, other than two white males in a pickup truck.


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