Fire station seeks full-time status

Mar 18, 2014 6:20 PM

In mid-March, Cohasset firefighters are usually walking through snow. But this season, they're already training like its summer.

“They say every year it’s going to be the worst fire season ever,” said Cpt. Joe Flagg of the Cohasset Fire Station. “And this year, the weather patterns are really kind of predicting that.”

This year's recording-setting drought has left conditions extremely dry and extremely dangerous. And local residents have voiced their concerns saying they want year-round fire protection in their area. And the Cohasset Fire Station will address those concerns at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

Located nearly 3,000 feet above elevation, and about a half-hour drive from Chico, getting to Cohasset can be a challenge.

“Between law enforcement and forest service how are we going to get people in and out,” Flagg asked. “Right now it’s one way down and one way back.”

So in theory, having more staffing at this station will lower emergency response time. But actually getting more funding, that's the big challenge.

This meeting will take place at the Cohasset Community Associate Building Wednesday at 6 p.m.


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