Fire officials urge residents to protect homes

May 12, 2016 1:15 AM by Darren Leeds

A vegetation fire in the Canyon Oaks area of East Chico threatened homes for a time Wednesday as fire crews worked quickly to contain the flames. In the end, no structures were damaged in the 21 acre fire.

Officials are saying it's a good reminder that there are things home owners can do to protect their properties.

Firefighters were able to get the blaze under control, but not before it got within almost 20 feet of some of the homes. Now, with fire season almost upon us, fire crews are urging people who live in an urban wildland area to take measures to protect their homes.

Lowe says, "One of the structures was threatened. The first engine, Engine 15 from the city initiated structure protection. The fire was starting to move a little more rapid as the winds picked up and got in alignment with the slope."

That's when 5 additional engines were requested from both Cal Fire and Chico Fire to help battle the blaze. Crews were able to contain the fire to 21 acres and prevent it from spreading towards the other homes in the area.

Lowe says, "It's important that people understand that wild land fire season is fast approaching and the defensible space really helps out in protecting structures for us and getting the fires out."

Battalion Chief Lowe says the grass is dry, but the soil is still moist, which tells crews that fuel for fires is abundant already. He says there is one positive for the folks in this neighborhood.

Lowe says, "One of the good things about this fire is now these homes have a defensible space where the grass has been removed and the fuel that burns is no longer a threat to these homes, but there's still plenty of homes out there that have a need for defensible space."

Investigators believe the fire started behind one of the homes on Summit Ridge, but the cause is still under investigation.
Lowe says if you live in an area that is classified as urban, wildland interface, you should take necessary precautions by creating a barrier between your home and dry fuels.


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