Fire Officials Suspect Arson in Corning Fires...

Feb 6, 2012 8:41 PM

Two house fires which ignited within a week of each other are now being investigated for arson in the city of Corning. Both houses are also located within a two block span of one and other
The most recent of the two fires started last Thursday night around 11:30, at an abandoned home on the 13-hundred block of Yolo Street. The back porch of the home was destroyed and the damage is estimated to be around 50,000 dollars.
Just five days earlier on January 28th, another home on the 15-hundred block of Butte Street had it's front porch burned, that damage caused 65,000 dollars in damage. The home is used as a second residence for it's bay area owner.
Fire officials say both fires have several similarities and they are being investigated for arson. " We strongly suspect that, the two cases seem to be similar, so we're looking at all possible leads," explained Corning Fire Chief Martin Spannaus.
Ironically, the abandoned home was recently purchased by a volunteer firefighter, and the other home is located next door to the previous fire chief. Fire officials do not believe that fact played a role in why the homes may have been targeted.


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