Fire crews respond to brush fire in Lindo Channel off Hwy 99

May 3, 2016 2:08 AM by Darren Leeds

A brush fire in Chico along the Lindo Channel is under investigation. The fire started in what appeared to be a homeless camp near Highway 99. It follows a string of small arson fires in the same area last Friday. Fire crews responded to a blaze here Monday morning and they're saying this string of fires is becoming suspicious.

The Chico Fire Department responded to the area Monday morning after receiving several calls about a brush fire from people driving on Highway 99. Fire crews said when they arrived on scene they found a fire burning about 50 feet by 50 feet. Captain Shawn Eccles with the Chico Fire Department says they often have problems with people starting fires around here.

Eccles says, "We'll get small fires in the channel. One, two, three, like a series of fires and then sometimes that will stop, sometimes it continues until we actually catch somebody."

Eccles says ground fuels are dry right now so vegetation fires do have the possibility to get out of control once they get started.
Crews had the fire extinguished before Noon and mop-up efforts lasted for a couple of hours.


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