Fire crews prepare for wildfire season

May 5, 2014 7:39 PM

With parts of the North State still recovering from last summer's devastating 8,000 acre Clover Fire, officials aren't taking any chances this wildfire season.

"The troops here have been fully staffed throughout the entire year, and then we put in the three-year drought that we had and there's a real concern that it could be a very busy fire season," said Chief Shawna Legarza, Director of Fire and Aviation Managemetn for U.S. Forest Service Region 5.

In Northern California, CAL FIRE has brought back seasonal staff early, but residents have a big part to play in prevention.

"95% of all fires are caused by people. That means that 95% of fires can be prevented. It's up to the public, it's up to all of you as residents of California to take that responsibility so we can mitigate the number of fires that are occurring here in California," said CAL FIRE Chief Ken Pimlott.

Fire officials are asking residents to do their part by keeping in mind the simple phrase, "Ready, Set, Go!"

"Ready means preparing yourself ahead of time. Defensible space, do that clearance around your home, get things prepared. Addressing, it's as simple as making sure you've got very clear address markings so when firefighters do get there they can see and find your property. Set, that means get a plan in place, prepare an evacuation plan, identify those belongings you're going to take with you. And then go. The last piece is really just that, go and go early," Chief Pimlott said.


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