Fight between cousins over skateboarding skill leads to stabbing

Aug 31, 2014 1:49 PM by Linda Watkins-Bennett

Shasta County Sheriff's officials say alcohol fueled a fight between cousins that resulted in a stabbing .

It happened just after midnight Saturday at the Lazy Landing Mobile Home Park on Shoreline Drive.

Officers arrived to find 21 year old Robert Schornsten standing in the road with two puncture wounds and a laceration, he was initially unable to tell law enforcement how he was stabbed. Schornsten was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Officers found his alleged attacker, 19 year old Noel Rhoades, in his residence nearby. They say Rhodes was dazed due to a physical altercation with Schornsten. He, too, was taken to the hospital for treatment.

The ensuing investigation determined that Schornsten had been invited to Rhodes home , where the two men and Rhodes wife had been drinking. The men then became involved in a heated argument over who was more skilled in skateboarding. Rhodes claimed he was beaten by Schornsten, causing him to lose consciousness. Rhodes was able to get into his home, but Schornsten allegedly began pounding on the door trying to get in. Investigators say Rhodes armed himself with a steak knife for protection, and said when Schornsten gained entry another fight took place and he stabbed Schornsten. Neither of the men had life threatening injuries.

The investigation is continuing and a report will be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for review, but so far no criminal charges have been filed.


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