Few Showers On Wednesday

Mar 10, 2015 9:21 PM by Kris Kuyper

Monday's warm weather gave way to cooler and cloudier weather today as a storm approached the North State. Look for this storm to give us a few showers on Wednesday.

While Tuesday was still warm, it wasn't anywhere near as warm as Monday. That was because high pressure is moving east, and has allowed a potent Pacific storm to spread clouds over the North State. This storm will eventually bring us a few showers, but not much: it will lose a lot of it's punch as it moves into high pressure, and that will weaken it significantly. Still, a few showers are possible, especially the further north and west you go. This is a warm storm, so snow levels will be very high... and there won't be much snow falling, even at the highest elevations.

High pressure quickly returns by Thursday. With the aid of a 10 to 25 mph north breeze, Valley temperatures will warm right back up into the 70's, and even warmer on Friday and Saturday. Another storm will try it's hand at fighting through high pressure this weekend... but will deliver only a few scattered showers on Sunday, at best.


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